Kilted Massage adds a special touch of therapy and relaxation to any event. Whether it be the office, golf tournament, wedding celebration, convention or other special event, chair massage provides the best outcomes at very moderate costs, providing you with the best value possible. What could be better than a service that will bring you happier employees, customers and guests all having a better time and feeling great while doing it (and in some cases making you more money). Kilted Massage is a service that you and those around you deserve.

We offer affordable, flexible pricing and will work with you and your budget. Fees are based on the type of your event and our level of participation. We love fundraisers and charity events, be sure to ask how we can help! (These we do for free!)

Attendee Benefits:
Decrease Stress
Immune System Boost
Improve Circulation
Less Muscle Pain
Headache Relief
Improve Thinking
Lower Blood Pressure
Enhance Flexibility
Increase Energy and Stamina

Organizer Benefits:
Massage is Incentive to Attend
Attendees Stay Longer
Lower Stress Levels
Improve Attitude and Sense of Calm
Increase Alertness and Interest in Event

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