Why Kilted Massage?
It's fun!
We share a strong interest in our Irish and Scottish ancestry and are thrilled that we can combine the two at public events. Ethically we would never wear our kilts during a massage session, but at public and private events, it adds a whimsical flair. We obviously do this to spread the word about our private practices, but also to give people the chance to experience massage for perhaps their first time.

Kilted Massage began as a way to combine our careers with our enthusiasm for our Celtic backgrounds. What started on a whim is growing into one of the most enjoyable ways we have experienced to share massage with as many people as we can.

All of our massage therapists are licensed by the State of Kentucky and are faculty members or graduates of the Louisville School of Massage. Your event will have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Massage Therapists in the region keeping your guests relaxed and happy.

During events, people who take advantage of our chair massage tend stay longer and visit other vendors as well. Kilted massage could be used as an enticement to attend an event or as a reward for a job well-done. We are available for pro bono charitable work and hourly fees.

Please write to us through the contact link if you are interested in having Kilted Massage at your next event or call Kenny Lyons at 502.523.2513.